Balance Assistance

Handmade Texas Walking Sticks 

If you need some balance assistance to confidently take a walk but don't want to use a traditional cane, our handmade Texas Walking Sticks are a perfect solution.  Because they are hand made no two are alike and are shaped like a hiking stick rather than a cane.  Crafted from Texas Sassafras or Oak, they provide sturdy balance assistance.  Each are complete with a rubber stop bottom to reduce risk of slipping and a leather hand strap.  

For those more comfortable with traditional canes, our solid wood shepherd hook canes  provide ability to rest hand onto the shepherd hook for added balance assistance.

It is important to keep moving to maintain our maximum quality of life.  Pick up one of our sticks and get moving today!  We keep one hanging by the door so we are ready for a walk when the opportunity arises.


Aching Solutions

Handmade Texas Walking Sticks

Traditional Canes

Increase your balance with our hand painted Texas Walking sticks or traditional canes